Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom...... again

Sorry I haven't written in a while, 

I went home this past weekend. I was Prom King at my High School last year, and as a result it technically required me to go back this year and crown the next one. So I went home this weekend as I said. I then went to the Prom and crowned one of my good friends (he deserved it). It was a grand time of people getting all dressed up and such. So basically It was a great weekend. My roommate came home with me, so he got to meet my family and my friends. Then I hung out with my bros back home. My best friends ever. I am really glad to be back at school though. I miss everybody here. I have no idea where God is going to have me end up, but man it will be an adventure regardless. My friends back home are great, my friends at school are great. It would be hard to leave any of them. So my prayer to God is that I would be okay with his will no matter what it is. 

I love the Lord with all my heart and I really do want to be ok with what ever, but man it is hard when you have so many different things that you desire to hold on to. So its like the Bible says. I have to die to myself and everything I hold on to and trust the Lord with it. 

Enough of my mini-sermon. I just find it interesting that just a year ago I was crowned the new Prom King, and now I crowned the new one. This next week is finals week which also means that my first year of my college career. Man time flies, but does it fly? Well of course not but it does seem to go by quickly, quicker than I'd like at some moments and others not as fast as I'd like. All in all, Jesus rocks and I will get through everything, that comes in front of me with his strength. but yeah God Bless and enjoy your year.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calculus and Whatnot

Well as a new blogger I am really not sure if these posts are blog worthy but I am keeping them coming anyway. I really do enjoy math, I feel as though its totally lame to think that math is outdated or useless. Math is the language in which God wrote the universe. Almost every thing in the world is mathematical (maybe everything, probably everything). I am a math major so I guess that is why i think about this stuff. But yeah basically I am studying for my Calculus final and I really like to look into what I am studying although it seems to not like for me to understand it because it makes it very hard to really grasp. I will keep on trucking along though. The class I despise is Discrete Math. I know it probably has some practical use but man I hate it with practically a passion. Its just out there. LIKE FOR REAL OUT THERE. Here are some examples of my beloved friends in the abstract world of math..........

Yeah these guys are for real, I just love looking into the abstract world of Integrating conic sections and other mumbo jumbo that I don't know yet. I really do enjoy math, but it isn't necessarily easy so its like a roller-coaster, it has its killer loops and terrifying drops.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life Goes Well....

Currently My life is hectic but going well. I have started to really look at what it is going to take in order to really start to crack down and do well in class and life in general. I just really feel as though God has got my back, you know those days where it seems like everything goes wrong, well I know that today kind of felt like that kind of day but I am here now enjoying a great night of watching video games played by my roommate, he is currently playing Need for Speed Carbon, which I personally can't stand racing games so i enjoy watching. I am also currently trying to attain all of the Rock Band songs on my itunes so life is busy, lol. But I hope all is well with whomever reads this.  God Bless


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Testament

I am currently in New Testament Literature class. I almost never pay attention. It is really sad. I sit in class, surf the web, and then study for the end of class quizzes 15 minutes before the end of class. I do the out of class homework and I have a B+. Probably the one class i have been able to literally not really do anything and pass. The sad part I was referring to earlier is that this is the word of God I am learning about and I am turned off to it for the hour and fifteen minutes and I will not really take anything away from this class. So it makes me wonder if it reflects my walk with God? I don't think so. I love the Lord, and I have not been into the Word as much as I should, but I do look to God for almost all things. But when it comes to being taught about Him in a classroom, I check out. Is it God or the Professor? well I would definitely say the Professor, but I am sure God is using him to influence the lives of the other students. Man I am partly tired and running circles in my head about this concept. I love God and he has provided all of my needs even before I came to know him as my savior, and yet know I have become numb to hearing his word in a classroom setting. Sunday mornings different story. I totally get a lot out of Sunday morning sermons, but man chapel and tuesday thursday NTL, NOTHING!

So I am not too sure what I am trying to say, but I hope that all who read realize that no matter how boring classes can be, we do need to remember that we should not look at boring classes as boring classes, but as learning something that will enable us to glorify God in the future. SO yeha have a great day and stuff

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well I gotta hand it to life. It never ceases to surprise me. I feel as though I know what I am doing part of the time, and then I fall into these phases of where I am really humbled in knowing that I really do not know anything. I then turn to my realization that God knows everything so why worry? To answer my wonderings earlier..... I conversed with the specific person and they were totally cool, man God really is good. Either way I really tried to give this whole thing to God, and I feel like I have, and I still have no expectations either way. But other than all of that, you gotta love decisions that you make for good but have a hard time with. Like as stupid as it sounds I left my xbox 360 at home and I have just been playing on other people's, well i went and rented a game and I have been desiring to play this game, and the game is none other than the FIFA 08, and yeah I have waited all day to play and i haven't been able to vedge out and play, but yeah i will eventually, and its good practice at being patient, so thats good as well. But yeha I know it sounds dumb but that is my life, So i hope that I can give all of my miniscule cares to God from now on. 

God Bless
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Figured It Out

Ok so I was thinking about my night last night, and realized I was wrestling someone and we did wrestle on the ground, so then i was like well, maybe my scrape/spider bite mark is rug burn. I am now convinced that my red abrasion is a rug burn. 

But by the way I just drank a hotshots hot chocolate and it was very delicious. I want to go the Rendezvous Coffee Lounge again, I love their coffee. so yeah thats that

God Bless


Spider Bite

So today I woke up at 8:30 am with a soar throat and no will to go to class, so I yet again slept through my 9:00 class, and then proceeded to start sleeping through my 11:00 class. Then I got up at about 11:30 and noticed that my wrist is swollen and infected in this little spot, and i had remembered that friend of mine had gotten sick this year from a spider bite so i wonder if that's what it is, I am thinking about going to the nurse to see, but then again I might just wait it out. I guess time will tell what i should do. Things are good otherwise, I have to get a Stem Cell research paper done today so that should be great. But other than that i am awaiting a response from someone on something and I am not going to have expectations, either way I will be fine and I feel as though that is the way God wants me to start looking at things, because when we put expectations on situations and people, there is either fulfillment, of what is "expected" or disappointment, and typically there is only one way that the situation will be fulfilled, so expectations being set on people is a really un-fair way to go about life. So I decided to depend on God and do my best to not expect anything, that way people and situations cannot let me down. It levels the playing field and enables me to have more patience. Which i need. so if that is enlightening I hope that maybe it helps someone out there but I need to write a paper, so God Bless and until next time

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Drama, or the "Lack" thereof

So basically I am wondering why I worry so much about things when there really isn't anything to worry about at all. It fascinates me to think of the way I think, if that makes any sense. So basically there is this event that I am inviting someone to, and I have never talked to them outside of hanging out, and I text them and before they get the text I face-book them about getting their number which I did get in a totally legit way, not a creepy way, but I'm am all worrying about it sounding creepy to them, and the end result of worry is I am worrying about her thinking I am a creep, when I am not trying to be whatsoever, so yeah. I basically feel as though I am overanalyzing this whole situation. More than likely I am, but maybe not. I hope that I can just maybe for once give my worry to God and for real not have any expectations on a situation, and just simply expect God's will to be done. If I would do that, man I would be a man with no worries instead, I attempt to take thing into my own hands and then typically everything gets messed up, so yeah. Well while I am sitting here in dumbfoundment, (I think I may have made that word up) I hope that your day is going well. 



Biology, the Science of Life, and living things.

Well I think that Biology is obviously necessary but I don't feel that I need to know about the structures of a plant cell in order to live out my days on this earth. Being a math person, I tend to lean towards why things work mathematically, not what happens within living things. That does sound ignorant and I know that its not necessarily being a great student but I am open to new insight. For instance I used to totally be anti-evolution, but this year I had Professor Hill as my Biology Instructor, and he was a great teacher for me because he opened me up to the possibility that we may have evolved or evolution occurred and its not against the Bible. What a thought, I never really thought that it could be possible, but now it all seems clearer in a fuzzy sort of way. It's fascinating to think that even though I particularly can not stand Biology that it does drive me to learn more about the world in my non-student life. Biology is not all that bad i guess after all. So just think about Biology, and stuff.

In the Midst

Well today I started this blog, and I am kind of excited about it. I was inspired by my good friend Ellie, I was reading her blog and I decided that it would be a good idea to start one of my own. So its me, BICKris, Topher, Burge, Ranger Burge, Thunderheart, Kris, (or whatever name you fancy) and I am going to start this blog now.

So college is great, but it seems as though there is just a whirlwind of things going on about. You can not really judge the velocity of life because there is nothing to compare it to, unless you could some how measure life in units of something. But regardless, its crazy because my first semester as a college student is about to close, and i feel as though I am in the middle of the greatest time of my life, yet it's passing me by with the speed of a cheetah. I'm not real sure how to react so I just keep on wandering along praying for God's direction in my life. I have learned a lot this year, with my spiritual walk with God, and numerous other things. I hope that people that read my blog can enjoy my take on things, or just simply get to know me more, but this is all for now.