Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well then...........


God is good. Regardless of how I feel I have to remember God is good. I know that his grace is sufficient and I need to remember that I cannot control what happens around me, just how I react, and the choices I MAKE!! So basically I have been lazier than ever this week, with not only reading but my p-therapy. So I have been a bum for the past week. I would like to say the next week can be better, so I will say it. THIS WEEK WILL (WILL) {WILL} [WILL] BE BETTER!!!! I really want to do good and right for God, and not be lazy. So I will strive to get back into at least praying consistently throughout the day. Today's message at church was about pride. As much as it pains me to say it, I am one of the most prideful people. It may not always be expressed outwardly, but all the time in my mind, so as a Christian, and someone who loves God and desires to serve him, I really need to die to myself. Without God in my life, it's impossible to survive, so I will strive to do better, God gives me opportunities to do good I need to start taking advantage of them..


Sunday, June 1, 2008

This Week

So basically..........

I didn't do as well this week with my Bible reading, partly as a result of my increased amount of playing World of Warcraft, possibly the most amazing game ever. So I need to re-prioritize, because I know that God would want me to focus on other things more. This week went well, not as well as last considering this week I only read 2 days. I will keep on pushing on through in an attempt to follow God's will. God BLess