Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow... what a weekend

So I'm home from the sailing trip, then I get to go to Indiana to see at the time my really good friend. After spending two previous days with her, now to spend 4 days and nights, we decided to make it an official relationship...

I am so freakin excited I can't believe it. It just feels so good, like its exactly what God has for me right now, and when a person feels this at peace it beats out all other feelings that's for sure. 

Now to start off we jus kind of hung out then, we went swimming and to a movie. Great times!!!

Then we played golf, (I got rocked) but it was soooo much fun. Then another great night topped off with a campfire and some great getting to know eachother more time.

Then Sunday came... Go to church watch her rock out the bass guitar, have lunch with the fam, got to meet some cousins, and others. Went back to church only to have a great service with awesome prayer after. Then watched Defiance at her house and started the trek home.

What a great weekend...

I pray that you would just be in the center of every future decision that I and Abby make.

God Bless all


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pre-Sailing trip.....

So I'm here in the Burg, 

Chillin at home watchin movies, exercising, and playing my good ole' guitar. 

I'm currently trying to write a song for Abby. Its not too hard, because there is a lot of inspiration. She has made the last week of my life one of the most brightest times in the history of my being. I feel as though once again life is going on the smooth rails of travel, and I know at these times its when God seems to throw us a curve ball. Curve balls are welcomed, because its the ones we miss that help us to not strike out over and over again. 

In time we realize that life leads us to just the most random and ridiculous places. As well as leading us to places that can take our breath away. I feel that this up incoming sailing venture will definitely put life into yet another perspective. Being away from all i've come to know as home and comfort for ten days, it will be an experience of a life time. 

I look forward to the beautiful waters of the caribbean. I am excited to go and can't wait to experience it. I will most definitely miss Abby even more, I really hope I get to talk to her while on the trip, if not it will be ok, because it will make talking to her (when I finally do) that much better. I am looking forward to giving her the surprise i'm preparing. 

So on a closing note, I do wish that everyone who reads this blog or who does keep up wit my blog, I hope that your summer is going well. I know mine has been amazing. I've met an awesome girl who I just.......wow.........yea she's that awesome. I can't wait to see her again, and to my Yokes brothas, God Bless and I love you guys


Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Events in Indiana

So last friday the 5th of June...

Delphi Alive straight rocked the house for Jesus. It was great to play our first event, hopefully the first of many to come. 

On top of that I've met this really awesome girl, her name is Abby... to preface this let me explain things

Not too long ago I was bloggin about this girl from home, Kelsey.

She is really cool, but the situation is complicated, really complicated. I have been praying about the whole thing, and how it pertains to my life and hers. I feel like I have really come to a healthy decision. I am going to officially take myself off the market, I changed my relationship status on facebook, haha its funny that the changing of something on facebook makes something that of an official nature, but it does.

So the reason to take my self from single to not listed is because Abby, is just really awesome. Although she will disagree with me, she really is. I got to spend two days hanging out with her in Indiana, starting thursday, that was our first date. Thursday June 4th 2009. Then we hung out at a bonfire for a couple of hours Friday, and it has just exponentially increased in awesomeness since then.

So I really freaking miss her. I wish I could spend more time with her. But all in God's timing. 

So if you are reading this and are a praying person, say a quick prayer that God would continue to guide me. Thanks and...

Kelsey... I hope for the best for you

Abby, you are so freakin awesome, and I miss you a whole whole bunch :)

-The BIC-