Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dead day... sort of?

Today is dead day...

That is supposed to be a day of no classes that way we can study, but in actuality its just a saturday. I am 85% positive that this is Evangel's first time ever having dead day on an Saturday. I guess its cool but we ALREADY NORMALLY HAVE THIS DAY OFF!!!!!


Well anyways my goal is to do at least three hours of math homework today, we will see how far I get with that. But for now I'm in my dorm room. lol

Well yea so much for a dead day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A whole Effin lot is happenin

Dear whoever,

So I come to find out today that one of my really good friends that I might have been interested in is actually basically dating this guy who I've never met. Good for Mr. Goodbar because this girl is pretty awesome. Idk

It's just like I feel like she kind of had me in the dark with this whole situation. But you know what I guess it was none of my &%*$&^% business. 

So whatev, I will really try to focus on the fact that God has me where I'm at for a reason and the "Perfect Wife" is out there somewhere. This has just been another lovely roadblock set up tostop me from screwing up whatever He has planned for my life. 

Thanks for listening


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Betrayal... Natural Misinformation... White Lie.......... Forgiveness?

To all who read,

God is good. I know that. But how do you forgive something that you didnt even know was happening to you your whole life??????

Well I have a friend named Pian, and he has some issues with some people. He's a forty year old man who I met at the Coffee Ethic in downtown springfield MO. 

He started to open up about how his whole life, or at least for half, for the past twenty years he's been lied to by a friend who he considered even to be his mother. Her name was Breaga. She was seventy years old. He didn't have a mother so she basically raised him. The majority of his life he spent with her, and for the first twenty years of his life, until he was on his own he loved and trusted Breaga Then one day that all changed. He found out that while he was in college at Missouri University, she had supposedly been covering his tuition, and it was written in a contract by the state that they were to give Breaga $50,000 dollars for Pian's college education. So the State did, and Pian had loans out the @$$ when he got out of college, he pondered why because he thought Breaga had it taken care of. Well evidently Breaga had spent the whole of the 50 grand over the years, and somehow got a loan in Pian's name to pay for the college. 

Johanne hasn't spoke to her since then........

I had no idea what to tell him. Someone who raised him, someone whom he trusted his whole life finally blew it all up in his face. He had noticed some slight inconsistencies before but never really anything to worry about but this, was serious a 20 year old lie. The only person he knew he could trust was the state, they never left him out to dry. So its either turn his back on Breagaor live with it. 

Pian has been at this crossroads for twenty years and has no idea what to do. 

God help Pian, 
God help me help Pian, 
God provide the strength and wisdom needed.

You are so good God. 


Mafia Wars!!!!

So facebook can really get you caught into apps that consume some time... 

For instance, Mafia Wars!

Basically I have spent the last month and a half working on this app called Mafia Wars. Its an interesting text-based RPG in which I am Don Burgess, level 63 making 11 million theoretical dollars every 54 minutes. I only wish I could make that much money in that short of time, but in truth that will never happen, because I will never be a crazy unstoppable mob boss. 

So its borderline a text based GTA, which means it could be a best seller ever. Actually its knd of funny because there is this add on the app that says to vote for it in some award ceremony. O well. 

SO this has all been in vain jus a simple statement of a current event in my life.