Friday, July 30, 2010

Up in the Mitten State...

Well I am now three weeks into my experience at SpringHill camps in Evart Michigan.

I am absolutely loving it. God is so amazing. I have been a paintball counselor for two weeks, and a classic camp counselor for one. I have had three amazing groups of boys who have taught me what it means to have the heart of a child.

I am really excited to see what this next year holds. God is doing some amazing things, and I look forward to the new people and places I will meet and see along the way.

To all the guys and girls i've met at camp so far... I say thank you for welcoming me in with open arms to this amazing community you all have. God has truly anointed the land on which SpringHill sits. I have realized that my life is going to be a lot less complicated that I thought. I am now to pursue God's will. I realize that it has been my purpose all along and I thought I was doing a pretty good job until I learned that worrying is truly taking our dependence on God and making it a dependence on self. We look to ourselves for comfort and direction, or let me rephrase... I look to myself for comfort and direction when things go haywire, when I should in fact fall to my knees and cry out to God to just take my burden.

God truly desires us... our every part and being. He loves every aspect of His creation, no matter how it treats or shows affection to Him. God unconditionally loves us. With a love that seeks and pursues, like a young man head over heels for the woman of his dreams. God truly desires that intimate relationship with us all. Why do we not let Him in? I know I am hesitant for numerous reasons at different points... almost as if God won't think I'm cool enough or worth His time. Sometimes I tell myself I'm too busy for God. But this summer, or at least these last three weeks I have realized that we have to schedule God in, just as we brush our teeth or go to work. God time has to be an integral part of every Christian's day.

I have learned that I need to be constantly in His presence and under His hand. For me this means that I am to pursue music and ministry, as well as finishing my degree... So with that said... Tahbi, the band of me and the three guys from HU, will writer music and inspire people to follow and pursue a life after God's own heart. I am so excited to see where God takes us. I leave it in His hands. I truly want what He wants for my life, and I ask that anyone wanting to pray for me would pray that I just continually submit my life to His will.

Now to finish up these next two weeks at camp and make them the best ever, then go to school, rock school and music for Jesus! who knows, God might just bring some things into my life that I would have never expected :)

God speed and God Bless all...