Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2011

It's been a while since my last entry...

So I'll start this one by saying welcome.  It's good to be writing again.  Today I sit here with many hours passed, many minutes of Law and Order SVU watched, more LSAT studied, and music played.  I work barely ever, but I'm really enjoying my law internship.  This summer is crazy busy and may be getting busier.  Things are looking up for various areas of my life, some of which I can't disclose until after a certain thing happens - because I don't want some beautiful redhead named Kait do know what I'm up to ;).  I've really gained some helpful experience.

My law internship has helped me realize that their is hope for America's system of law.  I before believed that the system was flawed and in desperate need of renovation.  But after a few short weeks observing at the law firm I've realized that it really works to the benefit of all citizens.  The law is truly designed to presume innocence until guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt.  What is reasonable doubt one may ask?  Well typically that is the issue, how to truly convince a jury beyond a certain point, reasonable doubt, that a defendant is in fact guilty.  I honestly find the side of the prosecution to be more drawing, or at least I want to maybe be a prosecutor one day, but who knows right?

Working at Abercrombie is great.  The only problem is the time I'm not working their, which is a lot.  I barely ever get hours, and I'm not complaining, it just sucks.  I need to be making more money if I'm going to be marrying a girl next year.  Above all, I know that God will provide so long as I keep trusting in Him to do so.

This was more or a less a "hey summer's-going-well blog entry."  I will try to post more, but for now this is it.  I hope all is well with you, the reader! God Bless