Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh February>>>???

Sitting in my dorm room eatin some chips and salsa contemplating on life.

Lots of directions to choose, but I typically tend to lean toward where my Lord wants me to go. I'm not perfect but I try. So this week is apart of the 3000/12 challenge. 3000 pushups and 12 bible verses memorized in 12 days. I have not done very well, but i've learned something with the pushups. Sometimes when we try to jump back into a state we used to find ourselves in, it can be very painful if we do not ease into it.

I think this can be applied to our faith. If we find ourselves distancing getting farther away from God and not living out the lifestyle we used to, we don't want to try and just throw ourselves back into our old routine of doing things. There can in fact some intense pains, we have to realize that when we make the decision to follow Christ with our lives. The pains go away in working out if you stick with it, just like some things will get easier and others harder in our walks with Christ.

We shouldn't give everything up before counting the cost, because we may back out if the going gets tough. So regardless of where you are right now, If you call yourself a follower of Christ, look at your life and how you have counted the cost (i will do this as well, im not meaning to sound preachy) what have you done to truly give your all to Christ? What can WE do to follow him better, to more fully sacrifice our lives to the cause of love and His gospel?

Just some food for thought...

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