Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy times... one more year before reality...

Today, I turned in the second of my three big papers for the semester.  Boy did it feel good.  I feel progress happening to me, and that is a new feeling - well I guess it's sort of new.  This semester has seen its ups and downs.  I've lost friends, gained friends, hurt people, made up with others, worked hard, slacked off... the usual semester right?  Well, what I've come to realize is: this life is really short.  I'm so bad at worrying about what tomorrow brings or what next week looks like, that I miss out on today.  I need to get my life straight, and by that I mean just organized.  I've started to really align my priorities, but I haven't managed to line up my time management with those priorities.  I see what I want to accomplish, but I can't reach it because I keep blurring my path with unnecessary worry and disorganization.  This summer, I am going to get organized, simplify my life, and work toward saving some more money so I can buy a ring for a certain special girl. ;)

That's right, I asked Kait's dad this past weekend if I could ask her to marry me.  :) I'm so so so so excited.  I have really really found what I've been praying for in her.  She is the most amazing woman I've ever come in contact with.  Most days I wake up and can't believe that she's dating me.  Our relationship truly is awesome, because we are best friends at heart. I love her so so so much and can't wait to begin our life together.  It was definitely the best Easter ever, in my lifetime that is, because I'd say the best one was the first one. :)  So I just wanted to update.  I'm tired of typing today, so I'm gonna end this entry early.  God Bless everyone


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